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What’s the Dart scholarship?

pre-eminent local scholarship

Our goal is to help create Cayman's next generation of business and community leaders. Our highly sought-after scholarship requires educational excellence and, in return, offers unrivalled opportunities for your future career.

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Daimond White

High school scholarships

Fostering academic excellence in STEM through financial support, work experience and mentoring.

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Dart Scholar Group

University scholarships

Helping to create tomorrow’s workforce.

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Enrichment activities and work experience

We believe there’s more to becoming a business leader than just study. That’s why across our high school and university scholarships, we offer the best possible experiences to enhance your professional development – whether it’s an academic field trip or job placement in one of Dart’s businesses.

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The calibre of the finalists was impressive. Their character, tenacity and professionalism - especially at this young age - stood out, making their accomplishment even more notable. These young Caymanians are our future leaders, and that gives me a great sense of confidence for the future of our country.

Mark VanDevelde

Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer at Dart Enterprises Ltd.

Annual high school summer enrichment trips

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Dart's focus on education
Our focus on education was driven by William A. and Claire T. Dart – founders of The Dart Foundation. Their goal was to help encourage youth education, mainly in the areas of STEM.

Guided by the belief that investments in education can deliver life-changing benefits to individuals, their families, and the wider community and economy, we view education as a foundation for success in school, work and life.

Where our scholars study

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Highlighting scholar successes

Key stats from 2022

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US$4.6M invested in Dart Scholars


Dart high school scholarships awarded

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29 Dart university scholarships awarded

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Gender- 46% female and 54% male

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78% University grads that go on to Masters or PhD


Alumni working full-time

Welcome to scholar life
Welcome to scholar life
Discover the people, places and happenings of the Dart Scholar life.
Welcome to scholar life


Meet our scholars

37 bright young Caymanians with an impressive collection of achievements behind them and a world of potential ahead. Each scholar is on a different journey to success - find out what inspires them, what they hope the future brings and what they consider their academic and professional highlights to date.

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