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Why work at Dart?

Why work at Dart?

There's loads to love about working here - from the culture and perks to our (pretty spectacular) Camana Bay location. But we know that none of it matters unless you're working with innovative people on projects to be proud of.

The good news is we have those too. From community parks to Camana Bay, we work on projects that'll inspire you to push boundaries. And with a team of over 700 specialists, inspiration isn't in short supply. 

Why Dart?

Our benefits

Here are some of the benefits that Dart provides to full-time, permanent employees:

healthcare icon

Health insurance: medical, dental and vision

  • 100% employee premiums paid
  • Flexible - pay for what you need

Life insurance

  • 100% employee premiums paid
  • Financial support for beneficiaries

Personal days

  • In addition to vacation days, enjoy five personal days a year
  • Can be used for anything - errands, vacation or just a day to yourself
sick days

Wellness preventative screenings day

  • One paid day a calendar year to complete comprehensive health and preventative screenings
disability icon

Long-term disability insurance

  • 100% employee premiums paid
  • Income protection if unable to work for a specified time period
maternity icon

Maternity/paternity leave

  • Applies to birth, adoption or foster care
  • Maternity leave: Three months paid leave after first year of employment with option of up to six months leave
  • Paternity leave: Ten days paid leave with the option to add on vacation or personal days or unpaid leave

Don’t just take our word for it

Chip Ogilvy


Chip Ogilvie

Title: Director, Property Operations (retired)
Department: Property Management
Since: 2011

“My career at Dart is perfect; I wouldn’t change a thing. I relish the daily challenges and appreciate the diversity and innovation of the people I work with.”

For Chip, working in property operations means that every day is different. “I am constantly learning something new; be it something about one of the 30 properties we manage, an update to an operating system in one of our buildings or implementing a new procedure for our team to follow. They are all dynamic elements that make each day interesting. Ten years on and every day I’m still learning. My flexibility and willingness to learn are definite assets when it comes to getting the job done.”

My best advice to graduates entering the working world? “Work hard, be reliable, be willing to learn and adaptable to change.”



Jordon Forbes

Title: Information Security Specialist
Department: Information Technology
Since: 2013

“I joined Dart to be part of an organisation that would allow me to grow with it, to pursue my dreams and have fun while doing it.”

As a senior technical support specialist, Jordon appreciates the diversity of his days. His positive attitude and “can-do” approach to customer service help his colleagues stay ahead of the challenges that come with constantly evolving technology, software upgrades and new users. “This approach helps me develop professionally and focuses me on the benefits of continual on-the-job learning, which in turn helps me to stay motivated to be the best I can be.”

‘Always willing to take on a challenge’ takes on a whole new meaning when Jordon remembers taking part in a social committee activity: “… [T]hey were doing a Dart Talent show and asked me to be part of the commercial. That was hands down my best moment at Dart – what a blast.”

What advice does Jordon want to share with young professionals joining Dart? “Remember every moment is an opportunity to learn from everyone around you, always give it your best and never doubt yourself.”

Jordon Forbes
Julia Allman-Walcott


Julia Allman-Walcott

Title: Senior Internal Audit Manager
Department: Internal Audit
Since: 2018

“Dart is an innovative organisation with a diverse portfolio of businesses. Working here provides me with great opportunities to grow professionally and provide meaningful insights and advice to a business which is growing and planning for the long term.”

Working in internal audit at Dart allows Julia to learn – because the businesses are so varied – while also using her knowledge of the business, and previous professional experience and skillsets, to drive positive change and improvements in the businesses. 

“There is no doubt that we work hard, but we strive for a good work-life balance, too. On the one hand, Dart’s leaders encourage you to give your all and be a high performer, while on the other hand, you have the flexibility to manage personal obligations.”

What is one piece of advice I would give a young professional coming to Dart? “Never stop learning and growing professionally, and be willing to share your ideas. The team at Dart listens and you never know, your idea might help take the company to the next level.”   


Michael Scott

Title: Quantity Surveyor
Department: Development Delivery & Infrastructure
Since: 2019

“When the chance to work at Dart came up, I jumped at it. Two things are important for me when it comes to my career development; working with the best in the business and being involved in marquee projects. Dart offered me both these opportunities.”

As a quantity surveyor for Dart, Michael works with project teams made up of diverse and talented individuals – many of whom are considered experts in their field – and has worked on projects like Camana Bay, Kimpton Seafire Resort + Spa and Cayman International School, helping to keep them on budget and on time.

And the benefits of a career with Dart don’t stop at work. “I’ve made a lot of friends at Dart outside of my project teams and enjoy rounding off a day with a cold beer after work with them, right here in Camana Bay, a community envisioned, designed, built and cultivated by Dart.”

Michael’s advice for Dart’s future leaders? “Get involved and draw from every experience offered to you. Not everything is laid out for you to follow but the opportunities are endless if you look; seize them and seek out the answers you are looking for.”

Michael Scott
Jan Feik


Jan Feik

Title: Vice President, Active Investments
Department: Active Investments
Since: 2016

“My entire career has been in real estate; I was drawn to Dart’s approach to development and wanted to be part of its innovative and sustainable way of doing business.”

As a vice president on the Active Investments team, Jan collaborates every day with colleagues who bring diverse experiences, expertise and skills to the table. “For me the work environment here at Dart, the variety of projects and the diverse background of my colleagues would be hard to match anywhere else. And at Dart I can see the projects I work on in the analysis stages, such as Hotel Indigo, become physical, built assets.”

Jan’s advice for a young professional coming to Dart? “Take risks, take responsibility, get out of your comfort zone.” 


Davina Tresidder
Title: Senior Property Manager
Department: Property Management
Since: 2010

“I wanted to work for Dart for multiple reasons; to be a part of positive change in my home country, to work for an organisation that honours social responsibility, and to work somewhere where my career growth was taken seriously. I have not been disappointed.”

Working in property management at Dart, Davina knows firsthand the importance of teamwork. “I love my team. I love the individual strengths that we have and the magic that happens when we work together. And I love our socials!”

Davina’s advice for a young professional coming to Dart? “Never turn down an opportunity. You never know where it could lead.”

Davina Tresedder
Keenan Ebanks


Keenan Ebanks

Title: Investment Analyst
Company: Dart Management Services Ltd.
Since: 2015

“I started my career with Dart when I was still a student. I was a Minds Inspired Work-X student and my two years of summer work experience served as a two-way interview, allowing Dart’s recruitment team to get to know me, while I got to know the company.”

As an investment analyst with Dart Management Services Ltd. (DMSL), Keenan is constantly learning, developing his craft as an investment analyst and researching appropriate investments for the portfolio.

“I work with incredibly smart and hardworking individuals who willingly share their knowledge and wisdom, and this, as well as having access to some of the investment industry’s leading professionals, is invaluable to me.”

And outside of the office? “Our employee-led social committee puts on great events for us, and our Christmas parties are legendary.”

Advice from Keenan for a young professional coming to Dart? “Be curious and be open to meeting and building relationships with others within the organisation. There are a lot of interesting people who you can learn a great deal from; establishing and investing in these relationships can open the door to the array of career opportunities available at Dart.”


Enrique Tasende

Title: Senior Vice President, Active Investments
Department: Hospitality
Since: 2018

“I aspired to expand my industry knowledge beyond operations; Dart has made that possible. I have witnessed an investor’s vision reach fruition, turning an empty piece of land into a vibrant luxury resort. The process has broadened my understanding of the industry from the owner’s perspective.”

As senior vice president of Active Investments, with a focus on the hospitality businesses, Enrique manages multiple projects and assets daily. From developing a food and beverage concept for a new hotel restaurant to understanding the complexity of managing a centralised laundry operation; managing a multimillion-dollar renovation or discussing the terms of a new hotel’s management agreement, he touches it all in his role.

“The COVID-19 pandemic taught us that working remotely can be productive. During that time, I was on a project team working with external consultants; 18 months of hard work and preparation resulted in the approval of Hotel Indigo – a new hotel for the Cayman Islands that will stimulate the post-COVID economy and create jobs for the local construction industry.”

Enrique’s insight about a career at Dart? “If you want to be part of a company that develops projects that benefit both the local community and overseas visitors to the Cayman Islands; if you enjoy collaborating in a dynamic and innovative environment and making a difference, you’ll go far at Dart.”

Enrique Tasende
Rohan Marshall


Rohan Marshall


Title: Senior Site Safety Manager
Department: Development Delivery & Infrastructure
Since: 2014

“Dart allows me to build structures, maintain safe operational standards and actively work in a dynamic workplace that requires multiple safety techniques and procedures to keep everyone operating in safe working environments.”

Rohan’s role provides him with the opportunity to work with every employee at Dart, where he creatively applies occupational safety to their workspace – whether in an office, on a job site, or in landscaping, everyone benefits from a safe work environment.

And while ensuring Dart’s workspaces are safe, Rohan interacts with colleagues, sub-contractors and retail staff who come from a variety of backgrounds – learning, as he says, that understanding and interacting with the world’s different cultures is a beautiful experience.

One piece of advice from Rohan for a young professional coming to Dart? “Don’t be afraid of dynamic office environments. I share a running joke with many of my colleagues: never get too comfy in a particular space or office. You would be wise to learn the art of "musical chairs" and you will move quite a few times during your tenure with Dart.”


Daniel Nguyen

Title: BIM Senior Technician
Department: Development Delivery & Infrastructure
Since: 2018

“What drew me to a career at Dart? I wanted to be part of a team that delivers exceptional quality projects with design and value execution.”

As a BIM technologist, Daniel works on some of Cayman's finest projects with a team that pushes boundaries for innovation in the AEC (Architecture, Engineering, Construction) industry. The team uses virtual modelling to construct the design and then provides the construction team with a quality-controlled production deliverable. Communication and information sharing, as well as cross-team collaboration, are enhanced though interfaces such as BIM360.

“We work hard and we play hard. Outside of office hours our employee social committee is dedicated to creating meaningful events which we can all enjoy. Our Christmas parties are some of the best corporate parties I have ever been to.”

Daniel’s advice for a young professional coming to Dart? “Be prepared to be challenged every day, be prepared to work hard every day but also be ready to grow every day.”

Daniel Nguyen

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