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What makes Dart



Who we are

We’re Dart

A global organisation, led by Ken Dart and headquartered in the Cayman Islands, we pride ourselves on our diverse portfolio. Investing in real estate, hospitality, finance and entertainment. You could say our greatest strength is bringing the right people together and knowing the best experts to call. 

Our values

US$1.5 billion+ 

Invested in residential, commercial, office and hospitality. 


30 years

Living and working in the Cayman Islands community


More than a dozen properties

That house business, innovation and education. 

Committed to Cayman
Why here?
Committed to Cayman
It all started with one office in 1993. More than 30 years later, hard work and big ideas have brought positive impact to these islands. And we're 100% committed to providing employment, innovation and prosperity here for generations to come.
Committed to Cayman
Island life

Part of the community

We're proud ambassadors for maintaining - and celebrating - the Cayman Islands' vibrant culture and heritage. It's just one of many reasons we have a long history of supporting multiple community initiatives through donations, sponsorships, grants and volunteer work.

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Planting the seeds for future growth

Sustainability underpins everything we do. We’re planning for the long term, creating exceptional opportunities, places and experiences to enrich the everyday, now and for future generations. We're committed to balancing social, environmental and economic needs to create a better future for all.

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The value of hard work
Our kind of people
The value of hard work
We like working with good, honest people, and we're motivated by profit and progress. As the largest private investor and employer in the Cayman Islands, we have a responsibility to the people that live and work here. That's why we're open about what we expect from our team - and why people who work hard will always go far at Dart.