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The cayman islands

Jurisdiction of choice

Jurisdiction of choice

Family Office 

Dart in the Cayman Islands  

One of the very first family offices to move here, Ken Dart and his family made the move in 1993. Attracted to the islands' political stability, easy proximity to the US and idyllic quality of life, he saw the opportunity to make their home and base their business. Thirty years on and many have followed, discovering Cayman's tropical charm and financial sophistication.  

Safe, sophisticated and secure and just 90 minutes from Miami. The world's sixth largest financial centre enjoys year-round sunshine and a world-class infrastructure and has earned the reputation of being the easiest place in the world to do business. 

George Town

The benefits of business 

In a blissful locale 

Looking to do business in paradise? You'll be hard pushed to find a more perfect location than the Cayman Islands. Beyond the pristine beaches and crystal blue waters there's a sophisticated business community of global banks and accounting and law firms, operating in a highly regulated financial centre. Political and economic stability, world-class infrastructure, an absence of taxation and crime, and the ease of doing business make this jurisdiction the perfect place to set up office.

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Living the Dream  

Moving to the Cayman Islands  

Soft white sands, swaying palms, endless sunsets and year-round sunshine. It's no wonder that moving to the Cayman Islands is for many a dream come true. From shipping your stuff to finding a school, from paperwork to pets, we know it's a big move wherever you are coming to us from; let us show you the way.   

Relocation guide
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How to do business 

in the Cayman Islands  

Setting up a new business is a big deal wherever you are, but there are just a few simple but essential steps to making it happen in the Cayman Islands. Follow our step-by-step guide to starting a business here. 


Registering a business

Robust Economy 

Multiple industries  

Cayman's come a long way from the shipbuilding, fishing and rope-making industries of the past; but the spirit of entrepreneurialism and innovation runs strong. These days you're more likely to come across a Hollywood film in production on our shores, or meet an award-winning chef. The destination is a well-known hub for the financial, legal and tourism industries, but our small business sector is booming, too, and is as diverse as our people - from family offices to film making, business works in Cayman.  

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Why Cayman


As the easiest place in the world to do business (according to the TMF Group's 2023 Global Business Complexity Index), the Cayman Islands is an attractive jurisdiction in which to operate a business. We share some frequently asked questions about the process.  



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