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Our values

We’re about creating change, not just companies

We are collaborators, innovators, change makers. We are Dart. United by our deep respect for one another and what we do, we thrive when surrounded by talented, interesting people from varied backgrounds, cultures and experiences and our shared values guide us.

The only perfection is in doing the best at whatever we choose to do. The Dart Values, Culture and Philosophy guiding our company and its employees are highly important and worthwhile to society, and all Dart businesses should encourage, instil and promote them.

Ken Dart

Values, culture and philosophy

Three generations of the Dart family have followed the same eight guiding principles to guide our businesses and our people.

Dedication and Industriousness

We work hard and we strive for excellence in all that we do.

Honesty and Integrity

We value honest, frank, open, straightforward conduct.


Continuous improvement and fresh thinking guides every day at Dart.


We see potential everywhere.

profit motivation

We’ve taken a long-term position on profit.

reason and logic

Guided to make the best decisions.

personal accountability

Individually we own our own choices and actions
and the resulting outcomes.


Where individual contributions achieve shared goals.

What and who

We're Dart

From world-class developments to a place of work where people can thrive, the Dart name has long been synonymous with style and quality.

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Join an award-winning team
Join an award-winning team
We're united by our pursuit of excellence and to bring long-lasting value to everything we do. Are you ready to join us?