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for the future

Sustainable buildings

by design

Thoughtfulness, creativity and innovation are inherent to our approach to sustainable building. We are committed to maintaining a balance between the built environment and our natural surroundings and to embracing ecologically sound habits. From thoughtful design features that minimise the use of energy to future-proof designs that maximise the lifetime of buildings and their functionality, we’re making space for the future.





taking the LEED

Sustainable building

Take a walk through Camana Bay; you’ll be struck by how seamlessly the natural and built environments come together. That’s by design. You’ll feel it in the breezeways designed to capture the cooling breezes from the North Sound, you’ll see it in the traditional-meets-contemporary Caribbean architecture of aluminium shutters and solar panels, you’ll experience it in the lush courtyards and their ample shade from native and endemic plant species. All designed to create a place that enriches lives today and for future generations.

As part of our approach to creating a sustainable development that balances environment, economy and society, we’re building to LEED® certification standards. LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, and takes a whole building approach to sustainability in design and construction. It includes water savings, energy efficiency, sustainable materials selection, waste reduction and indoor environmental quality.

Following LEED is the right thing to do; it’s not just another building but something special, designed to innovate, to reverse the effects of global warming, improve people’s health and mental well-being and educate people about sustainability over time.

Ross Tibbetts

Design Manager, Dart

In good company
In good company
Dart has many properties built to LEED certification standards: 94 Solaris Avenue was built to LEED standards, 18 Forum Lane and One Nexus Way in Camana Bay are LEED Gold certified, Kimpton Seafire Resort + Spa and The Residences at Seafire are LEED Silver certified, and 60 Nexus Way has been built to LEED standards and will be certified later this year.
In good company