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Balancing sustainability with growth for shared


We’ve already taken great strides on our journey to sustainability. There’s still a long way to go but we’re excited about the challenges and opportunities ahead.
3 building accreditations (with more in the works)
Many of our properties have been recognised for their outstanding sustainability credentials by established certification bodies, including LEED® and Fitwel®.
US$4.9 million invested in Dart Scholar and Minds Inspired to date
Our ongoing support for training and education programmes offers the people of Cayman benefits for life and plays a key role in our sustainability plans.
11% of Cayman's total solar production
We have invested heavily and at scale since 2012, with 19 arrays now operational across our business portfolio.

For a brighter tomorrow

For Dart, sustainable development means laying foundations for a future in which our company, our community and our country can flourish. How we go about it revolves around three key elements.


Ensuring the future

Everything we do is informed by our long-term strategy for sustainability. Whether it’s investing in resilient infrastructure and renewable energy, preserving our native flora and fauna, or providing brighter prospects for the people of Cayman through career development and education. 


Invested in Cayman

We’ve invested heavily in parks, schools, roads, medical facilities, and other community resources to create a prosperous and sustainable Cayman. The islands are our home and everyone benefits from having access to beautiful shared spaces and world-class services. 


A balanced approach

Sustainability requires the right balance between economic growth and environmental and social responsibility. So while Dart will continue to invest in business and infrastructure projects, we will always be guided by what’s best for the Cayman Islands and the people who live here. 


Sustainable Development Goals

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), also known as the Global Goals, were adopted by the United Nations in 2015 as a universal call to action. Acting as a framework for addressing a range of environmental, economic and social issues, there are 17 SDGs in total. We have selected six goals to focus on, choosing areas in which we can best effect meaningful change.

Quality education Icon

Quality education

For sustainability to be sustainable, it’s vital that we educate the next generation so they’re equipped to face the challenges ahead. Dart not only invests in world-class educational facilities but also champions youth education with STEM-related scholarship and learning programmes. 

Affordable & clean energy Icon

Affordable & clean energy

Ensuring people have access to energy that doesn’t cost the Earth — it’s one of the biggest obstacles on the road to sustainability. The solution lies in renewable energy and increased energy efficiency and we’ve made major investments in both. From solar arrays to geothermal air-conditioning. 

Decent work & economic growth Icon

Decent work & economic growth

Sustainable economic growth and prosperity relies on workforces feeling engaged and empowered by the jobs that they do. As one of the Cayman Islands’ biggest employers, we understand this and take pride in providing rewarding career opportunities and inclusive, supportive working environments. 

Industry, innovation & infrastructure Icon

Industry, innovation & infrastructure

Embracing new technologies and investing in sustainable industries and resilient infrastructure can help ensure a bright future for the people of Cayman and the islands they call home. As a major development partner with the government, Dart is ideally placed to make it happen. 

Sustainable cities & communities Icon

Sustainable cities & communities

We need to take a more considered, holistic approach to the way we plan our cities and towns so that they can foster a more sustainable, community-focused way of life. With its walkable, mixed-use neighbourhoods and intelligent building design, Camana Bay is a shining example. 

Responsible consumption & production Icon

Responsible consumption & production

Around the world, unsustainable patterns of consumption and production are making waste a huge issue. But here in the Cayman Islands, innovative projects such as a state-of-the-art laundry facility are giving cause for optimism. 

Cayman International School


Investing in the next generation

Education can have life-changing benefits for individuals, their families, and the wider community and economy. So we’ve invested in best-in-class educational facilities with the Cayman International School and Village Montessori. And we place a strong emphasis on youth education, particularly in the areas of STEM, with our Minds Inspired and Dart Scholar programmes.  

Our Dart Scholars not only receive financial support through high school and accredited overseas universities, but also enjoy unrivalled professional development opportunities. We’ve already invested US$4.9 million in the programme and we’ll continue to do so — because the long-term rewards are priceless. 


Planet-friendly power 

Year-round sunshine is one of the Cayman Islands’ major attractions and we’ve been making good use of it since 2011, when we installed our first solar array at Camana Bay. We’ve been investing at scale ever since and by February 2023 we had 17 arrays in operation, with a total output of 1,808 kW. With such a valuable resource in such plentiful supply, we plan to install many more solar arrays over the coming years. But solar power isn’t our only source of renewable energy. Cooling is provided by geothermal energy and our central water chiller plant, while rainwater harvesting systems provide water for irrigation.  

60 Nexus Solar panels
60 Nexus Construction


Careers for life As the largest private-sector employer in the Cayman Islands, we’re able to offer a wealth of fulfilling career opportunities across a wide range of industries: residential and commercial real estate, retail, hospitality, construction, infrastructure, and emergent technology. We’re proud of our inclusive and supportive working culture that nurtures talent and rewards hard work — we believe a prosperous workforce that feels valued and invested in their careers is a key contributor to sustainable economic growth. For Caymanians just starting out on their employment journey, our Work X programme offers invaluable work experience across our network of local companies, providing a stepping stone to future success.  

Innovation and infrastructure

Keeping Cayman moving

Bold infrastructure choices can have huge benefits for the Cayman Islands’ economy — but they need to be smart, sustainable choices too. That’s why we weren't solely focused on easing traffic congestion when partnering with the government to extend the Esterley Tibbetts Highway. We incorporated dedicated routes for walking and cycling and delivered an underpass that connects the east and west sides of Cayman Parkway. The underpass links to a separate planned regional trail system, linking the Harquail Lands with Camana Bay. 

The Rise, a beautiful, elevated crossing giving pedestrians, strollers and bicycles safe access between Seven Mile Beach and Camana Bay.  It’s only through this sort of thoughtful master-planning that Cayman will be able to accommodate long-term growth without compromising its unique character and community. 

Keri Underpass


New Urbanism in action

Built on the principles of New Urbanism, the waterfront town of Camana Bay sets the benchmark for sustainable communities in the Caribbean. Its walkable, mixed-use neighbourhoods blend forward-thinking architecture, generous amounts of green space, and a range of sustainability features — from the solar arrays that harness our year-round sunshine to the elegant awnings and canopies that counter the heat island effect in public areas.  

Recent investments include a new water-cooled chiller that provides heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) services to many of Camana Bay’s buildings. This super-efficient tech will save up to 350,000 kilowatt-hours per year, which translates to 286,300 pounds of avoided CO2 emissions annually. 

Camana Bay Town Center
Cayman Linen Services


A clean start

Responsible consumption & production is all about minimising waste and maximising resources — and Cayman Linen Services is a great example of this philosophy realised. A state-of-the-art industrial laundry facility serving our portfolio of hotels and resorts, it’s significantly reducing the environmental impact of laundering all those bedsheets, tablecloths and towels, leading the way in reducing our islands' carbon footprint by washing green. 

The centralisation of laundry processing will achieve water savings of 17.8 million gallons and a reduction of 173,000 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions annually. 

sustainability in action

Community mattersAt Dart, we firmly believe that you get what you give in life. So we take every opportunity to contribute to the wider Cayman community, whether it’s making corporate donations to worthy local causes or volunteering to help out at beach clean-ups. 

Dart in the community
Dart Beach Clean up

LEED® Global

Many of our buildings are built to LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) global sustainability standards including One Nexus Way and 18 Forum Lane, both awarded the coveted Gold certification. One Nexus Way’s eco features include a 50,000-gallon rainwater cistern that both supports sustainability and offsets costs.

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Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do at Dart as we strive to build a future that balances the economy, society and the environment.

Mark VanDevelde

Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer

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Our journey to date
Take a closer look
We’re building upon decades of innovation, sustainable development, profitability and strategic partnerships to create a resilient and prosperous future for all who call our islands home — and you can learn more about it in "Embracing Sustainability: Our Journey to Date".


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