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The benefits of

investing in the Cayman Islands

investing in the Cayman Islands

Investment benefits

Why Cayman?

People love doing business in the Cayman Islands - and it's not just the locale that makes it so desirable:


Tax neutrality

No direct tax. No corporate, capital gains, personal income, inheritance, sales (VAT) or recurring property taxes.


Robust infrastructure

Quality education and healthcare systems, roads, grocery stores and utility providers.


Booming economy

Diversified economy, government budget surpluses and one of the world's highest GDP per-capita rates.

A healthy financial services sector, vibrant tourism and medical tourism industry ensure Cayman continues to thrive. Family offices and technology-based companies contribute to an increasingly diversified and growing business community and provide numerous opportunities for investment. And 2019 saw an increase in active companies and more newly incorporated companies added to the Register.


Location, location, location

It's paradise.

Let's talk about the year-long balmy weather, breathtaking sunsets, unspoiled beaches and turquoise ocean. And did we mention the impressive modern infrastructure of outstanding schools, healthcare, road network and utilities framework? With exceptional air links, financial stability and a talented multi-industry global workforce, investing in Cayman makes a great deal of sense.

We are a global community of people who work hard, think big and focus on progress. We want people to succeed, so we support ambition, attract and nurture talent, and welcome people with vision.

The Honourable André Ebanks, MP

Deputy Premier, Minister of Investment, Innovation and Social Development