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our portfolio

our portfolio
We've been building and developing property in Cayman since 2005. And while things have changed a fair bit here since then, our approach hasn't. Renowned for our thoughtful design approach, we're proud to create places and communities where people want to live, work, play, learn and invest.
The year we opened our first office in Cayman. Mark VanDevelde was our first and only employee. Today he's the CEO and Executive Director.
685 acres
The size of our flagship development. The mixed-use, master-planned town of Camana Bay, the Caribbean's first truly sustainable community based on the principles of New Urbanism.
Our investment in mixed-use, residential, commercial, recreational, educational and hospitality properties throughout the Cayman Islands in the next 10 years.

Dart properties

We create exceptional opportunities

Real Estate

Commercial properties

The perfect space for your business

Whether you're looking for a multi-floor office space to expand your business or a fashionable bar with scenic views, we offer Class-A and Class-B office, retail and food and beverage space in the Cayman Islands.

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Residential properties

Living in paradise

Trusted advisors. Market analysts. Lifestyle consultants. These are just some of the reasons people trust us with their next big investment. The Provenance Properties team of luxury sales specialists is committed to helping you find residential properties to vacation in, invest in or call home. And if you're looking to relocate, you can relax knowing you're in the safest possible hands.

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Real Estate
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RetailA shopper's dream

From grocery, luxury and apparel to restaurants, travel and leisure and more, we’ve been helping retail blossom in the Cayman Islands for over a decade. We have multiple locations across our three islands for your new venture, from downtown George Town’s streets bustling with cruise visitors, to the boutique luxury of our Seven Mile Beach resorts, our team brings expertise for the market, industry trends and a keen knowledge of consumer expectations.

It’s more than space at Dart; from retail strategy to customer experience, we’re here to build your business.

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Our Beloved Isle CaymanLocation, location, location: a land of soft fresh breezes, miles of pristine white sands and blue Caribbean sea. You’ll find complete tranquillity in Little Cayman, adventure awaits off the beaten path in Cayman Brac, and Grand Cayman lives up to its name in every sense, offering the best of Caymanian culture, natural beauty, world-class culinary and luxury resorts.

From intimate inns to sea-to-sound luxury resorts, Dart Hospitality manages a diverse and expanding portfolio of resorts, hotels and villas across the three islands. Our group is made up of small independent teams and world-renowned brands, bound by a common goal: to enhance guest experiences and share the heritage, beauty and sophistication of these islands we are proud to call home.

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infrastructure A first-class framework   

Smooth safe roads, reliable communications, innovation in energy and ease of travel; Cayman’s world-class infrastructure is leading the way in the region and, as one of the country’s largest developers and investors, at Dart we’re committed to infrastructure improvements that enhance life for all.

Since 2005 we’ve been a significant contributor to Cayman’s innovation in infrastructure; we’ve built roads, roundabouts, traffic circles, underpasses, bridges, subways, canals and harbours and combined the best-in-class green building practices with purposeful placemaking. From the Cayman Islands’ only LEED Silver-certified hotel, to a world-class school, to the Caribbean’s first and only community founded on the principles of New Urbanism, innovation and infrastructure is that the heart of what we do.

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developmentThe Dart way

Ours is a philosophy of placemaking and since 2005 we’ve been creating spaces that promote health, happiness and well-being. Our developments are centred on community, yet designed to drive sustainable growth. Whether it's roads or resorts, our projects have redefined the architectural landscape of the Cayman Islands for today and future generations.

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our portfolio  

Premium properties

You’ll find us where sustainable development meets Caribbean charm. Our portfolio of properties spans the luxury resorts and real estate of world-famous Seven Mile Beach and extends to the tranquillity of Le Soleil d’Or in the Sister Islands. From the prestige of Class A office space, sustainable waterfront living and walkability at Camana Bay, to the turnkey office suites of Regatta’s readyspaces, our properties represent more than US$1.5 billion of investment in construction, commercial real estate and tourism.

Our properties

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