The art of leadership

Unlocking our potential

Our leadership team has the diversity and expertise to manage Dart's portfolio of businesses in accordance with shareholder Ken Dart's long-term vision for his investments in Cayman and beyond. With an eye to the future, the team also takes pride in nurturing the next generation of talent.
A wealth of experience
Together we can do anything. Our leaders have worked in multiple jurisdictions and industries. They bring together the very best strategy, creativity, integrity and expertise to manage our diverse portfolio and fulfil our long-term vision.
For future generations
We're building tomorrow's talent, today. We spend a lot of time at Dart thinking about the future, how to develop our best talent, keep raising the bar, and provide guidance and growth to our future leaders.

Humankind's future will be much improved through supporting the efforts of those with high character and the ability to effectively lead, create, discover, innovate and enhance efficiency.

Ken Dart


for the future

Behind every investment, decision and development you'll find our most important resource. Our people. And behind our people are our leaders. Backing their teams every day to achieve their greatest potential and perform at the highest levels. At Dart we're leading for the future. Meet our leaders:

chief executive officer 
Mark VanDevelde
Mark VanDevelde has overall responsibility for all of Ken Dart’s companies in the Cayman Islands. For more than 20 years, he has managed the portfolio’s investments and guided the group’s business operations.

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Mark VanDevelde