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Jim Lammers
Director, Dart Enterprises Ltd.

Jim Lammers

Jim Lammers is a director of Dart Enterprises Ltd. Since 1995, Jim has been closely involved as a director of many companies in the Dart group, in a wide variety of Cayman-based real estate development, hospitality and retail activities.

Jim also serves as a Director and Vice President of the Dart Foundation, a private Michigan-based charitable foundation established by the late W.A. Dart, the founder of Dart Container Corporation, and his wife Claire.

Jim is a graduate of Stanford University, where he majored in Economics, and The University of Michigan Law School. Prior to working at Dart, Jim practiced law in Michigan and California. He has served as a Director of the Michigan chapters of the American Red Cross, Nature Conservancy, and the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation.  Jim and his wife Kathy reside in East Lansing, Michigan, and are frequent visitors to Cayman, having lived there for a few years in the late 1990s.

Jim joined Dart Container Corporation in 1986 and was named President in 2014 and Chief Executive Officer in 2019. After retiring from his CEO position in 2021, Jim was appointed Chairman of the Dart Container Board. During his tenure at Dart Container, Jim served as a Director and Chairman of several industry trade associations. Jim was also instrumentally involved in the decision to fund the Dart Center of Journalism & Trauma at Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism. 

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