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Mark VanDevelde
Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer, Dart Enterprises Ltd.

Mark VanDevelde

Mark VanDevelde is Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer at Dart Enterprises Ltd., located in the Cayman Islands. Mark holds overall responsibility for leadership, strategy, culture, growth and performance for all of Dart’s companies across multiple industries and is a Director of most Dart subsidiaries in the Cayman Islands.

Mark attended Michigan State University where he received a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance and in 2001 became a CFA charter holder. Mark lives in the Cayman Islands, his home for 30 years, with his wife and two children. Mark enjoys spending his free time in the great outdoors with his family at their cabin in Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan, fine-tuning his beloved vehicles and serving on the board of Have a Heart Cayman Islands.

Mark has worked closely with Ken Dart and his family for 30 years to establish Dart as the leader in real estate development, hospitality and retail in the Cayman Islands. Mark also provides direction and support to Dart Interests. Within Dart, Mark has taken on several other roles including Managing Director/and Chief Executive Officer of Dart Realty Ltd, Director of Dart Family Office and Director of Dart Container.

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