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By: Nikki Callender

Dart Scholars achieve outstanding results

Dart Scholars achieve outstanding results

The educational successes of three Dart Scholar alumni continued after they graduated from university.

Dart Scholars Julian Solomon and Drew Milgate have achieved outstanding results in their recent Chartered Financial Analyst exams, while another, Dominic Dyer, did the same earlier this year.

The Chartered Financial Analyst designation, or CFA charter, is a global qualification that teaches a wide range of subjects relating to advanced investment analysis, including security analysis, fixed income, financial analysis, probability theory and corporate finance.

Solomon successfully passed CFA Level 2 and Drew passed CFA Level 1 with a result in the top 10% of students. The overall exam pass rates were 22%, the lowest ever for Level 2, and 26% for Level 1; both scholars passed the exams on their first attempt. Dyer also passed Level 1 on his first attempt earlier this year, at which time the pass rate was 22%, the lowest since the inception of the exam. 

“We’re extremely proud of Julian, Drew and Dominic," said Dart CEO Mark VanDevelde. "Successfully obtaining the CFA designation is extremely challenging and requires perseverance and dedication. The scores achieved by our Dart Scholars this year are exceptional."

The CFA program consists of three levels and is assessed over 13+ hours of exams with an average of 300 hours of self-study required to prepare for each exam, as well as four years of qualified investment work experience to earn the CFA charter.

Only 20% of those who start Level 1 complete and pass all levels. The CFA charter has become the most respected and recognised global investment credential with the broad investment perspective and deep understanding of the global marketplace it provides being highly valued by employers globally.

"The CFA charter has ethics, education and integrity at its foundation and its attainment demonstrates the very highest level of expertise in the investment industry,” said VanDevelde.
All three of the Dart Scholars are set to continue their studies, with each of them focused on the next level of their CFA qualification and eventually full CFA chartership.


The William A. Dart Memorial Scholarship is awarded annually to a Caymanian student pursuing a bachelor’s degree at an accredited overseas institution and provides financial support for up to four years. Dart’s high school scholarship awards two four-year scholarships to Caymanian students based on academic excellence, focusing on maths and science.

Both scholarships are designed to support and inspire students to achieve their full potential and develop the country's future leaders. The scholarships also include work experience at Dart’s headquarters in Grand Cayman, bespoke mentoring and enrichment opportunities.

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This article appears in the November 2021 print edition of the Camana Bay Times.

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