Dart honours long service employees

Dart honours long service employees

Our people are our greatest asset and the reason for our success - Mark VanDevelde, CEO

Dart celebrated the long-standing dedication and commitment of 17 individuals at a recent Long Service Awards dinner in their honour. Recognising a combined 220 collective years of experience, employees from across the group offered reflections of their time with the company.

“With the Dart Values, Culture and Philosophy as my compass, I was able to successfully navigate through 10 years of rewarding experiences, which have all enriched my professional and personal development,” said Dushane Haye, a quantity surveyor with Decco | Dart Development. “It has been a great pleasure being a member of the Dart family and I look forward to continuing our work – achieving the vision.”

“I am fortunate to work for an organisation that is supportive of its employees, and to work in a job that continues to challenge me,” said Leslie Arnott, vice president of research and trading with Dart Management Services and an employee with the organisation since 1998. “This combination makes Dart a great place to be.”

“The past 15 years at Dart have been some of the most satisfying and rewarding of my career,” said Cameron Graham, president of Decco | Dart Development. “I have been given the opportunity at Dart to work with a great team of people and am honoured to be a part of the Dart organisation.”

At Dart, employees are guided by the values, culture and philosophy the family has held true for decades. These principles are the cornerstones of the organisation’s longevity and success. Dart businesses value and reward individuals who have the drive, persistence and ability to achieve goals. Having long-tenured employees and valuable team members are a testament to this principle.

Congratulations to the following Dart employees on reaching this service milestone:


Leslie Arnott

Cindy Tiofilo


Anand Adapa

Mark Dedrick

Jackie Doak

Cameron Graham

Joanne Lawson

William Sullivan


Stacey Bussey

Dushane Haye

Christopher Limberger

Sai Nidval

Roderick Pierson

Glenisha Powell

Jeffrey Wight

Shynecka Williams

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