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By: Alan Markoff

Dart rebrands

Dart rebrands

The Dart brand has a whole new look and feel.

After undergoing an extensive two-year rebranding exercise, Dart unveiled its rebrand to employees and the public last month.

Dart CEO Mark VanDevelde said that "brand" is more than a marketing tool. "Brand is an expression of who we are as an organisation and how we interact with our customers and each other," he said. "Our new brand has a strong focus on people, and presents us as a collaborative and responsible organisation, unafraid of change."

The rebrand is also a reflection of internal changes at Dart, including the consolidation of Dart Enterprises, Dart Real Estate and the construction arm of the company into one entity brand as Dart.

"Having defined our brand, we must now live our brand as we take another step on the journey towards one Dart," VanDevelde said. "Consolidating our brand into one Dart is less confusing to our customers and partners."

To help employees see and connect with the elements of the new brand, the marketing team presented "Brand Week" at Dart's offices in Camana Bay, with each day of the week offering something new.

On Monday 4 October, employees arrived to find on their desks a booklet that explained the rebrand and included a schedule of week-long activities, as well as puzzles and quizzes that could be completed for Dart-branded merchandise at the end of the week.

A link was shared to a video that showed the changes made to Dart's logo, fonts, colours, shapes, icons and photography style.
Walls throughout the offices were painted in Dart's new colours over the weekend prior to Brand Week, and on one of those walls, employees were invited to share what they liked about working at Dart.

A games room was established where employees from across the company could play various games and challenge their minds to see if they could answer questions that appear on the annual Minds Inspired inter-school Math Challenge.

Other elements of Brand Week included a photo booth, donut treats and a "brand shop" stocked with new Dart-branded promotional items to give away or sell, including pens, hats and hoodies.

VanDevelde said the gateway to Dart's new brand is its website at, which is often the first introduction to the company for prospective employees, customers and partners.
"With the new brand, we are launching, which updates our story to show who we are today and where we are headed," he said.

This article appears in the November 2021 print edition of the Camana Bay Times.

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