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By Gabrielle Wheaton

A day in the life of property management: Data Centre Administrator Reynaldo Powery

Man in data systems room poses for camera
Dart Data Centre Administrator Reynaldo Powery helps keeps Camana Bay's IT systems on track. — Photo: Rhian Campbell

Camana Bay's data centre administrators are responsible for maintaining all critical equipment (power, air-conditioning, cameras, internet service) to the manufacturers' specifications and with assisting the internet providers with servicing Camana Bay tenants. "All Internet services are routed through our data centre and then to the offices [throughout the Town Centre]," explained Dart Data Centre Administrator Reynaldo Powery, who sits on the property management team.

Get to know Reynaldo's role – and others in the property management team who help keep Camana Bay running – in our Day in the Life series.

CBT: What drew you to this field?

RP: My IT background drew me into the data centre management side because in IT we managed the data centre for a couple of years. The position was then open for a data centre administrator with Property Management, and I decided to apply for that. It is still very technical but another part of the IT world.

The position comes with good opportunities to learn new things. I am now heavily involved with our company’s building management systems, CCTV (the cameras site-wide) and more recently the parking systems that have just been installed.

CBT: What is your favourite part of your job?

RP: The people and the challenges. The people I work with provide an environment where it is not a task to wake up and come in every morning. I like the variety of work and challenges; it is never the same day twice.

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CBT: Do you have a set schedule for tasks or is every day different?

RP: There is some organisation within the chaos! But mornings I typically reserve for meetings, projects and tasks, and then the rest of the day I spend responding to whatever comes my way.

CBT: What are some examples of the variety of tasks you are presented with as data centre administrator?

RP: Between standard daily tasks, the more repetitive things would be access control, assigning building access and organising air-conditioning schedules (for example, if tenants want the air-conditioning on or off on weekends, or if I need to give contractors access). Data centre administration has a lot to do with the internet providers who come in and schedule maintenance or need to deal with any issues. It is my job to give them access to the huge fibre infrastructure in Camana Bay and make sure connections are patched through and working from end to end.

I also have to ensure that all critical equipment are maintained to manufacturers' specifications or better. We are also an SOC-certified data centre which means that an audit is performed by a third-party company to ensure our processing and procedures meet the required standards annually.

We have two new buildings and that takes a lot of background work, working with internet providers and installing equipment. Our own IT equipment is installed so we can monitor all lights, air-conditioning and electrical outlets in the buildings.

CBT: Who inspires you?

RP: I don’t have one person per se – I like to draw my inspiration from people around me. There are a lot of people around us who can provide something to us in the way of inspiration. My supervisors and my work colleagues inspire me to do better and challenge myself every day.

This article was originally featured in the December 2023/January 2024 print edition of Camana Bay Times.

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