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Why become a University Scholar?Being a Dart Scholar will almost certainly help your career.

As a Dart Scholar you get hands-on experience in your career of choice, work side by side with talented professionals and become a valuable team member.

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Benefits of a Dart scholarship

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Summer employment
opportunities with Dart

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Financial support for up to four years
at an accredited overseas institution

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Mentorship opportunities
from Dart employees

key dates

09 May 2024

University scholarship application period ends

Your application


  • Caymanian
  • Between 17-25 years of age
  • Resident of the Cayman Islands for at least four years prior to applying
  • Accepted to a competitively ranked and accredited institution
  • Ready to commence studies in the upcoming academic year.
  • A full-time student pursuing undergraduate level studies in an area that will contribute to the future of the Cayman Islands
  • In strong academic standing with a minimum of five higher level passes, including Maths and English or cumulative high school GPA of 3.0 or higher plus any of the following:
    • Three A Levels with a minimum average grade of B, OR
    • Associate degree with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher, OR
    • AP or IB equivalent
  • A strong communicator with good interpersonal skills, work ethic and character

Complete the application


Be sure to answer all questions, provide all requested documentation and proofread your written work.


Meet academic requirements


Minimum of five higher level passes including Maths and English or cumulative high school GPA of 3.0 or higher plus any listed above.


Provide proof of Caymanian citizenshipProvide a copy of your Caymanian status grant approval letter and certificate, or provide birth certificates for yourself and one Caymanian parent evidencing that they were born in the Islands before 27 March 1977.


Provide confirmation of acceptanceShow you have been accepted to a competitively ranked and accredited institution and be ready to commence studies in August/September.


Submit character references
Submit completed character reference forms.


Write a personal statement
Show why you are the right person - be unique, open and honest. Stand out from the rest.

Work experience opportunities
Work experience opportunities
Our Work-X gives Dart Scholars a meaningful position in a real working environment. Using Dart’s vast network of local companies, our placements offer experiences across various disciplines to help Scholars forge a more informed career path. The work is challenging. And it not only prepares Scholars for a future career, it brings true value to the hosting business and its employees, too.
Work experience opportunities

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I have received unending support throughout my university journey, financially, personally and academically, and have made many new connections and gained valuable work experiences. Having the scholarship enabled me to pursue the degree I desired at the university I desired, without having worry about a lot of things.

Marcos Bertran

Dart Scholar 2021

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