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High School Scholar

Erin Shaughness2020 Dart High School ScholarCayman International School



Erin is working towards earning a full IB diploma, taking higher level courses in maths, physics and chemistry. She also enjoys art and graphic design and helped found a student-led graphics company called Tidal Designs, providing free services to her school and non-profit organisations. After graduating high school, she’d like to study in the US and is considering mechanical engineering as a possible focus.

Taking design courses in the past couple of years has shown me that engineering and creativity are not mutually exclusive.

Erin Shaughness

Dart High School Scholar 2021

Erin's highlights

  • John Hopkins Center for Talented Youth programme, Probability and Game Theory course at Dickinson College
  • MAP and PSAT scores in 99th percentile
  • CIS academic achievement awards in 2020 and 2021
  • First place in art competition for design of underpass mural at National Gallery Cayman Islands
  • Karate brown belt

As a high school student, Erin interned with Dart’s engineering team who introduced her to some of the theory behind mechanical engineering as well as showing her its practical applications with tours of the mechanical rooms at Kimpton Seafire Resort + Spa and The Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman. She performed an energy audit for CIS.

Through her work with Tidal Designs, the graphic design company she set up with fellow class members, she discovered her extracurricular interests have useful applications in the real world. Beyond learning how to use graphics and 3D modelling software, working with the company has taught her collaboration, leadership and project management skills.

Erin with group

Erin would like to become an engineer but is still narrowing down her area of focus. She is making the most of her internships to help her decide on a future career path, describing Dart as acting like a career advisor.

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