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Leila Sulliman-Maw

2023 William A. Dart Memorial University Scholarship

University of Toronto, CA

Life Sciences


Leila is pursuing an HBSc in Biochemistry at the University of Toronto. With a passion for medicine, she wants to make a difference in people's lives through a future career in anesthesiology or immunology. She represented the Cayman Islands on the U14, U16 and U18 National Netball teams and graduated valedictorian at St. Ignatius Catholic School. 

I know that the future is unpredictable and that no matter where life takes me, if I give it my best shot, success is inevitable at some point in some form or another.

Leila Sulliman-Maw

University Scholar

Leila's highlights

  • Graduated valedictorian at St. Ignatius Catholic School
  • A- levels in Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Computer Science A, A, A, A
  • Winner of both individual and team awards on the St. Ignatius Catholic School Debate Team

Leila's interest in the medical profession led her to internships at Integra Healthcare and Pasadora Family Dental Centre. Both provided valuable insights into medical clinics, highlighting the importance of every role in delivering excellent patient care. Leila is inspired by her cousin, Dr. Sulaman-Khan, an anesthesiologist in Trinidad, who demonstrates the impact one can have on others' lives through compassionate medical care.

She is particularly excited about the Work-X programme offered to Dart Scholars, which will provide her with invaluable work experience opportunities across Dart’s many industries.

Leila’s dream is to become a doctor and provide exceptional healthcare experiences, facilitating effective and efficient recoveries for patients.

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