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Kyla Machingambi

2023 High School Scholar

Cayman Prep & High School 


Kyla is entering Year 10 and will start her GCSEs after capping off a successful 2023 academic year, a highlight of which was achieving a silver medal in the UKMT Intermediate Challenge. She has always had an affinity for the sciences and hopes to pursue a career in neurology, which will allow her to positively impact the lives of others. 

I’m quite ambitious – I believe I push myself even more when people doubt me!

Kyla Machingambi

High School Scholar

Kyla's highlights

  • Silver Award in the UKMT Intermediate Challenge
  • Gold Award in the Queen’s Commonwealth Essay Competition
  • Year 9 Greatest Learner Award

Kyla’s passion for the sciences led to her completing a Forensic Science course at school, which gave her a behind-the-scenes look at how scientists gather and process evidence at crime scenes, providing invaluable information throughout investigations. She is inspired by the many empowering women in her life, including her mother who juggles four children, a full-time job and all the responsibilities that come with being Mum, as well as Ms. Corkey, her Year 8 and 9 science teacher.

“Ms. Corkey showed me that there are so many areas of sciences for people to excel in, not just being a medical doctor.”

Kyla already feels that the Dart scholarship has helped buff her confidence for the future and looks forward to the career guidance that will be on hand through the mentorship opportunities available to her.

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