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Graeme Madison

2022 William A. Dart Memorial University Scholarship

2018 High School Scholar

Durham University, UK


Graeme is studying for a bachelor’s degree in physics at Durham University, having graduated from Cayman Prep & High School with straight A*/As. He was the recipient of the Dart award for excellence in STEM in 2022 and placed second in the Minds Inspired Maths Challenge that year. Outside of academics, Graeme enjoys rugby and playing for his college’s pool and darts teams.


My advice to high school scholars is to look into universities early, even if you don’t know which subject you will do, to find an interesting course and some sports and hobbies to complement it.

Graeme Madison

University Scholar

Graeme's highlights

  • A*/As at A-level in Maths, Further Maths, Physics and Biology
  • Dart Award for STEM Excellence
  • Minds Inspired Maths Challenge 2nd place in both senior individual and teams

When he graduates university, Graeme wants to further his education by doing a master’s in physics before embarking on a career in a scientific field. During his internships with Dart, Graeme worked with the Financial Analyst team researching carbon markets, and with the Engineering team on HVAC and energy management programmes.

During a Dart Scholar trip to Cambridge, Graeme enjoyed a coding course and studying machine learning and neural networks. A certified diver, he appreciated the chance to learn non-verbal communication underwater and how to rely and be relied on as part of the buddy system.

Dart Scholars

Graeme dreams of working with an organisation which succeeds in producing less carbon- intensive energy at scale. He admires 2022 Earthshot prize winner Talal Hasan for developing a solution to store carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

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