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Alison Owens

2023 High School Scholar

Cayman Prep & High School 



As she enters Year 10, Alison is readying herself for the increased workload of GCSEs and is determined to maintain a healthy work-life balance as the year progresses. Her passion for STEM influenced her decision to take GCSEs in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics and Computer Science. Outside of the classroom, she participates in her school’s Student Council, Debate Club and Impact Club.

I’ve always found myself gravitating towards a new challenge, and whether it would take weeks of preparation or mastering the art of persuasion, I would never give up

Alison Owens

High School Scholar

Alison's highlights

  • Principal’s Award for High Achievement 2020-2023
  • Silver Award in Queen’s Commonwealth Essay competition
  • Excellence in English Award 2023

Alison is already thinking of a future beyond GCSEs and A-Levels and intends to study at a medical school in the United Kingdom to pursue a career as a certified dermatologist. She is ambitious and undeterred by the years of study and placements required prior to sitting the Specialty Certificate Examination in Dermatology. Alison admires Beyoncé, impressed by her unwavering commitment to her craft and her contributions to society as a philanthropist.

“Applying for the Dart scholarship has helped me understand the importance of patience, especially whilst under stress. I strive to climb the mountain of stress by balancing my school and personal life with a healthy study schedule.”

Although she’ll be increasingly busy with her studies in the coming years, Alison is keen to continue participating as a member of her school’s Student Council, Debate Club and Impact Club.

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