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Adrian Phillips-Hernaez

2022 William A. Dart Memorial University Scholar

Imperial College London, UK

Mechanical Engineering


Adrian is studying mechanical engineering at Imperial College, having graduated from Cayman Prep & High School with the Highest Academic Achiever award and four A*s at A-level. A member of his school robotics team for five years, Adrian was selected for the national team to represent Cayman at the FIRST Global Robotics in Mexico in 2018 and mentored the team in Dubai the following year. In his free time, Adrian enjoys going to the gym, climbing and cooking. While his undergraduate studies are currently focused on building the core of engineering sciences, robotics is offered as an elective in his final years.

Engineering is one of the greatest tools humanity has for shaping its future and improving human quality of life. I firmly believe that robots will facilitate that change.

Adrian Phillips-Hernaez

University Scholar

Adrian's highlights

  • Four A*s in Maths, Further Maths, Physics and Chemistry at A-level
  • Graduation awards for Highest Academic Achiever and in Further Maths and Chemistry
  • Dart Graduation Award for Excellence in STEM
  • Cayman Prep & High School robotics team
  • Cayman Islands national robotics team, FIRST Global Robotics Challenge 2018
  • Student mentor to national robotics team at FIRST Global 2019

Adrian became hooked on robotics when he realised robotics was a way to integrate computer programming and engineering. He enjoys the team aspect of robotics, collaborating and compromising on design ideas to produce the best performing robots. During summer work experience with Dart’s property management team, Adrian learned about thermodynamics, which he says gave him a head start in related courses at university. He dreams of one day making a positive contribution to Cayman in the world-changing industry of robotics.

Adrian Phillips-Hernaez

In the future, Adrian would like to work as a robotics engineer, designing and building robots that can improve the quality of people’s lives.

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