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High School

High School

 Becoming a Dart ScholarOne of Dart's goals is to inspire Cayman's future leaders. Becoming a Dart Scholar is the first step in what can become a lifelong, educational journey.

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Why apply

Benefits of a Dart scholarship

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Payment of all school fees for a period
of four years at your school of choice

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College fund that builds over duration of the scholarship

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Enrichment activities,
including annual trip overseas

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Additional funds for
books and uniforms

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Dedicated time with mentors
to discuss career interests

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Work experience opportunities
during school breaks

Key Dates

12 April 2024

High School Scholarship application period ends

Your application

You’re eligible and should consider applying if you are:

  • Caymanian
  • Living and attending school in the Cayman Islands
  • Preparing to enter Grade 9 (Year 10) in the upcoming academic year
  • Involved in school or community activities
  • Demonstrating a high level of academic achievement in STEM subjects
  • Interested in being mentored by Dart employees
  • Interested in gaining work experience and career guidance
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Complete the application


Be sure to answer all questions, provide all requested documentation and proofread your written work.

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Proof of meeting academic requirementsProvide copies of your report cards from the last two years. If you can't find them, ask your school office for copies.

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Provide proof of Caymanian citizenshipProvide a copy of your Caymanian status grant approval letter and certificate, or provide birth certificates for yourself and one Caymanian parent evidencing that they were born in the Islands before 27 March 1977.

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Provide confirmation letter from schoolRequest a letter of confirmation of entering Grade 9 (Year 10) from your school office – it may take a couple of days so don't leave it until the last minute.

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Reference letters confirmed


Give the names and contact details of two people who will provide you with a 'glowing' reference.

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Write a short essay


Tell us about your aspirations and goals for the rest of your high school study and beyond that for university. Read and proofread your work carefully – first impressions count.

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Our high school study focus areas


Enrichment activity opportunities
We make learning more meaningful, valuable and rewarding. Dart scholars get lots of enrichment opportunities every year – the highlight of which is, without question, the high school summer trip.

Every year the trip is planned to build on Scholars’ STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathmatics) interests and takes them to world-renowned educational institutions and organisations – with a little bit of culture and sightseeing thrown in for fun.

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Work experience opportunities
Work experience opportunities
Our Work-X gives scholars a meaningful position in a real working environment. Using Dart’s vast network of local companies, our placements offer experiences across various disciplines to help Scholars forge a more informed career path. The work is challenging. And it not only prepares Scholars for a future career, it brings true value to the hosting business and its employees, too.
Work experience opportunities

Where our high school scholars study

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My scholarship has helped me tremendously. Of course, funding for school is a financial benefit in itself, but the most important aspect of the scholarship is that I am given an opportunity to intern with professionals in my desired career path. This will help me explore my interests and narrow my focus to an area of study I am truly passionate about. Dart has acted as my career advisor, in a sense.

Erin Shaughness

Dart High School Scholar 2021

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