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By: Andrea Lumsden

Why lease with Dart?

Why lease with Dart?

A Q&A with Dart Senior Manager of Leasing, Jennifer Ebanks.

Jennifer Ebanks joined Dart in 2014 and has more than 15 years of experience in marketing, business development and sales. As Dart’s Senior Manager for Leasing, she’s a commercial leasing expert who warmly engages with a diverse range of clients daily, offering solutions to their commercial real estate needs.

Jennifer Ebanks, Dart's Senior Manager of Leasing

AL: You started out in Dart in marketing and then switched to real estate. What sparked the change?

JE: My background in business development and sales is extensive. When I started at Dart, my role on the marketing team was focused on commercial leasing and I gradually started taking showings and negotiating contracts. I was working closely with the VP of leasing at the time. The role change was a natural shift given my passion for meeting with clients and connecting them with the right space.

AL: Dart’s commercial leasing portfolio is one of the largest and most diverse on Grand Cayman. Are there any benefits to having such a broad offering of listings?

JE: Absolutely. The fact that we aren’t serving a single industry or a specific type of business is great for our clients, but it also promotes commerce and supports the health of our local economy. Our extensive portfolio means that businesses of all sizes and across many industries can find a space appropriate for their venture. Dart’s tenants range from global financial services firms to boutique retailers to local mom-and-pop startups and everything in between. Camana Bay and Regatta serve as prime locations in the Seven Mile Beach corridor, while Flagship and Island Plaza offer companies high-quality spaces in central George Town. Such diversity in listings and clients means no two days are the same for me, and I love it.

AL: Leasing for 60 Nexus Way, Camana Bay’s newest office tower, has been keeping you busy. In your conversations with potential tenants what seems to impress them the most about this new building?

JE: Sustainability is always at the forefront of our conversations with potential tenants. LEED certification, which many of our Camana Bay buildings have, is important to global entities and is becoming a must-have for a lot of companies. Additionally, a big wow factor at 60 Nexus Way is the sea-to-sound views on the upper floors –it’s amazing to have the ability to enjoy both the Caribbean Sea and the North Sound.  

rendering of 60 nexus way
A rendering of 60 Nexus Way.

AL: Is it true there’s a rooftop terrace that can also be used as an event space? Can you tell us more about what makes it unique?

Yes, there is a beautifully landscaped 3,300-square-foot rooftop terrace. It will be available for use by all of the building tenants at 60 Nexus Way. Also, it can be booked in advance for private events and it has the most spectacular views of the Seven Mile Beach corridor.

AL: What’s your favourite 60 Nexus Way feature or amenity?

JE: Aside from the rooftop terrace and the building’s sustainable design, I love the covered terrace and courtyard near the main entrance. It sits under a two-storey, cantilevered canopy that creates a stunning sense of arrival and serves as a shady space to relax and enjoy fresh air and the North Sound breeze. We’re currently securing an anchor food and beverage tenant that will have access to this space, which means people can have a coffee or refreshment al fresco. It will also be a great place for casual meetings or for taking a break from a busy schedule.

AL: The launch of the flexible office units at readyspaces back in 2019 was ahead of its time for Grand Cayman. What is it that tenants love the most about these spaces?

JE: Flexibility is key for readyspaces. That means any tenant, startup or small business can focus on growth and the health of their business without having to manage a long-term lease. Also, the beauty of walking in with your laptop and not having to worry about signing up for WiFi, buy insurance, organise a cleaner, order furniture is priceless … readyspaces makes life so easy for our clients.

AL: Are there any perks available to Dart’s tenants?

JE: There are several entertainment and event amenities at Camana Bay made available to our tenant community as part of a preferred priced package. They can host anything from a large team-building fun day on the Festival Green to an intimate corporate cocktail reception in any one of the Town Centre courtyards.

To learn more about why you should lease with Dart, click here, or to enquire about availabilities within Dart's leasing portfolio or to contact Jennifer, email

This article will also appear in the October 2021 print edition of Camana Bay Times with the headline "Leasing with Dart."

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