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‘Why Cayman’ video series released by Dart Real Estate

‘Why Cayman’ video series released by Dart Real Estate

Dart Real Estate, a Cayman Islands-based developer, is releasing Why Cayman this month, a four-part video series featuring conversations with industry leaders about the many benefits of doing business in and relocating to the Cayman Islands. The three-minute episodes, which can be viewed on Dart Real Estate’s social media channels, offer insight into four areas that fuel the British Overseas Territory’s thriving economy and sophisticated way of life: financial services, reinsurance, family offices and residency by investment.

“We are pleased to share Why Cayman with those interested in relocating to or expanding their business presence in the Cayman Islands,” says Sue Nickason, VP of Real Estate Marketing and Sales at Dart. “These brief videos to share what makes the Cayman Islands a leading financial centre and one of the best places on the planet to live and work.”

Why Cayman?

As a tax-neutral hub, the Cayman Islands offers diversified financial services with a balanced regulatory framework, strict anti-money laundering laws, a politically stable government and a high standard of living. With approximately 71,000 residents from over 135 countries, the islands—located 90 minutes south of Miami by air—provide a safe, family-friendly lifestyle with access to a trusted legal system based on UK law and world-class healthcare, education and entertainment.

Philip Paschalides, a partner at the international law firm Walkers, offers several key reasons for the country’s economic strength, including its “impeccable track record,” in Why Cayman For Family Offices.

“Cayman is in the top 20th percentile on the World Governance Index,” says Paschalides. “It’s a jurisdiction that has a high degree of credibility internationally; it’s among the highest in the developed world.” Paschalides also provides details to support why the country is an excellent choice to establish a family office and explains that “there’s no extra layer of domestic taxation that would apply in transactions or structures.”

Cayman Finance CEO and former EY Partner Jude Scott is featured in Why Cayman For Financial Services, in which he reaffirms the jurisdiction’s vitality as a premier financial centre that efficiently supports global growth and recovery.

“The Cayman Islands is a leading tax-neutral hub,” says Scott. “It has a strong, diversified financial services offering with experts in investment funds, asset management, banking, insurance, reinsurance, capital markets and trusts.”

Why Cayman For Reinsurance explores why reinsurance is becoming one of the fastest growing industries in the Cayman Islands. Adrian Lynch, executive vice president of Artex Risk Solutions – North America, attributes the country’s infrastructure, fiscally conservative government, regulatory framework, access to regulators and immigration practices among the many incentives attracting large global reinsurers.

“We have the ability to attract and retain c-suite teams,” says Lynch, who explains that Cayman’s education, security and housing options are attractive to senior-level management looking to relocate their families.

Navigating relocation and residency are examined in Why Cayman For Residency By Investment. The episode presents an overview of how individuals and families can qualify for permanent residency and demonstrates the ease with which one can invest in real estate and enjoy a sophisticated lifestyle. It also reminds viewers that anyone can buy or sell real estate without restriction or property taxes.

“We encourage anyone considering any type of investment in the Cayman Islands to watch the Why Cayman series,” says Nickason. “Each episode provides interesting perspectives from thought leaders and reputable individuals from our community.”

To watch the first episode in the series, Why Cayman For Financial Services, click here or watch below.


Anna Wootton

Digital Marketing & PR Manager, Dart Real Estate


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