Adrian Lynch

“The dislocation in the investment market of the last few weeks has made the need for Cayman reinsurance capacity on the longevity side even more important.”

Cayman’s 40-year track record as a leading international insurance domicile has led to the development of a skilled network of insurance professionals in Cayman with impressive experience and credentials. This has cemented trust between Cayman providers and the global insurance industry who know that Cayman professionals can act as credible advisors. The proficiency of these Cayman providers has assured that the insurance industry in Cayman continues to expand and progress.

The future success of reinsurance in the Cayman Islands will be built on the jurisdiction’s ability to adapt and develop reinsurance and captive business as it moves forward. The Cayman Islands government and private sector is ensuring that the next generation of insurance leaders continue the already innovative work that has taken place in the growing reinsurance industry.

Ultimately, the Cayman Islands offers a compelling location for insurance and reinsurance companies to set up because of its growing economy, its close relationship with the insurance industry in the United States, the expertise of its private-sector professionals, its transparency and willingness to cooperate with international regulatory authorities and its advanced and robust business infrastructure.

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Emma Parker has worked with Dart since 2019 and has been writing professionally since 1999. Emma graduated from the University of Manchester with a BA (Hons) in 1997, has a post-graduate Diploma in Communications, Advertising and Marketing and a STEP Certificate in International Trust Management. She has worked in PR, marketing and business development roles, primarily in the legal and financial services sector, since 2001. Emma is now the co-founder of Sidekick, a financial services marketing consultancy in the Cayman Islands. She was raised in the UK, lived in the British Virgin Islands and has made the Cayman Islands her home since 2012. Emma has a passion for exotic travel, her family and Newcastle United Football Club.