A Smart Toilet

Yes, you read that correctly.

The SpaLet toilet has sensors that detect motion – lifting the lid as your approach and flushing as you leave. The SpaLet even has a night light illuminating the bowl, a temperature control heated seat, a five position cleansing wand and a warm air dryer eliminating the need for paper. And we must not forget the built in deodoriser, eliminating odors and the need for intoxicating air-fresheners.

With rapid advances in technology outpacing our imagination, the home of the future isn’t a far fetch daydream anymore, but rather a reality. One thing is for sure, homes of the future will be judged on what they can do and how they perform, rather than the spaces that comprise them.

Cover Photo: Clearview Audio

How Workspaces are Evolving to Bring People Together

How do you optimise your office to maximise employee happiness and productivity? That’s the question Dart Real Estate asked Studio Architecture, a U.S. based international design practice responsible for much of Camana Bay’s design.

Even with the popularity of remote working and the digitisation of documents, Studios believes that the physical office is here to stay because face-to-face meetings and relationship building remain foundations for doing business. However, landlords need to be aware of challenges and trends in the market and be ready to adapt.

“The influence of hospitality, co-working and on-demand meeting facilities, combined with the demands of next-gen workers, require developers, brokers and landlords to be keenly aware of the impact these developments have on their business,” explains Ruben Smudd, Associate Principal at Studios Architecture.

According to Studios, offices should allow interpersonal relationships to thrive by creating shared spaces for community and brainstorming.

“The future of indoor workspaces is less focused on individual desks and offices and more about shared spaces and space on demand,” explains Christopher Budd, Managing Principal at Studios Architecture. While having access to private spaces is still a necessity, many offices are creating unique versions of open floor plans with a variety of private spaces available on an as needed basis.

“Because of technology, workers can be mobile and no longer have to come in to the office so building space for solo workers no longer makes sense,” expands Budd. “Instead, firms are focusing on harnessing the collective and creating a nimble, shared environment that takes advantage of technology and media.” These new offices support the ever important to face-to-face meetings whether outdoors at a community table or a 360-degree video conference enabled boardroom.

This focus on community integration and open space is one of the hallmarks of Camana Bay’s overall design. Built on the principles of New Urbanism with an emphasis on walkability and public spaces, Camana Bay features high-quality, flexible office space amongst lushly landscaped courtyards which make great informal meeting spaces and refreshing fountains that encourage lingering relaxation.

The ultimate goal is to create space that is specifically tailored to and empowers your staff. While companies in Silicon Valley may benefit from nap rooms and in-office Zen gardens, firms in the Cayman Islands want their offices to be comfortable while remaining professional. To aid this Camana Bay’s newest commercial spaces, 18 Forum Lane and One Nexus Way are built with flexibility and adaptability in mind and will work with clients to ensure that their goals for their space are represented in the final fit out.

Regardless of the layout of the office space, convenience and amenities near the office remain in high demand. At Camana Bay, employees can take a short stroll to visit the doctor’s office, pick up groceries, get a haircut, see a movie, pick up kids from school, purchase a birthday gift, enjoy a meal out, take a fitness class and more.

It’s about to get even more convenient to work at Camana Bay with the launch of for-sale residential which will further enhance this thriving community.

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