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By: Ariel Thompson

The Development of Communities in Cayman through Sports

The Development of Communities in Cayman through Sports

Whether the tune is “take me out to the ball game”, or “ole, ole, ole, ole”, sports unite people from different social backgrounds and are an important factor in the development of communities.

Observed through the benefits they provide, the impact that sports have on a community include extra-curricular and social activities, improved health and wellbeing, national and international representation, and valuable life skills, among others

As an investor in local communities, Dart’s purpose aligns with the vital role that sports play in the Cayman Islands and in youth development.

Through sponsorships, donations and development, we use these investment tools to provide opportunities for people to learn, practice, compete and enjoy sports.

Cayman billfish rundown weigh station


2019 NORCECA Beach Volleyball Tournament: Dart partnered with the Cayman Islands Volleyball Federation to bring the 2019 NORCECA Beach Volleyball Tournament back to the world famous Seven Mile Beach.

CARIFTA 2019 Cayman Islands: With Cayman as the host country for the 2019 CARIFTA games, Dart supported the event as a Gold Sponsor

Cayman Billfish Rundown: Dart and The Residences at Seafire joined Hurley’s Media as a presenting sponsor for the newest sports fishing tournament in Cayman this year.

Camana Bay Sports Camps: Every year Camana Bay holds multi-sport and basketball camps for children ages six to 14 to help keep them active during the summer.

Annual 5K Irish Jog: This annual charity event, sponsored by Dart in partnership with Butterfield Bank, selects a local non-profit organisation as the recipient of the funds collected.

running on the rise Camana Bay

Organisations, Leagues and Teams

Camana Bay Aquatics Club: Dart provides the club with free use of the pool at the Camana Bay Sports Complex.

Cayman Islands Little League Association: Dart is a proud Grand Slam sponsor of the association and of a Dart team in their Pony division, ages seven to eight.

High School Football League: The Dart Under 14 Girls’ and Under 13 Boys’ High School Football League is specifically designed to assist with the development of youth football in Cayman.

Special Olympics Cayman Islands: As an ongoing commitment to the organisation, the athletes receive free access to the pool at the Camana Bay Sports Complex for training.

Corporate Sports Teams: Practised internally through our award winning Wellness Programme we support local sports and actively promote employee participation in both corporate leagues and non-profit events.

Charity Walks and Runs: Dart properties host a number of local charity walks and runs free of cost to the organisations.

CIS sports field


Camana Bay Sports Complex: The town’s sports facilities include tennis and basketball courts, a swimming pool and FIFA rated sports field, which organisations and individuals can rent.

Cayman Islands Rugby Club: Dart is donating 13 acres of land for the Rugby Club to build its new facility.

Seven Mile Public Beach: As part of an agreement with the Cayman Islands Government, Dart has committed to a $3 million project to enhance Seven Mile Public Beach which includes improvements to sports areas such as the soccer field and volleyball courts.

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