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Statement on current George Town Landfill blaze

Statement on current George Town Landfill blaze

As the Cayman Island Fire Service (CIFS) works to contain the large fire that broke out at the George Town Landfill over the weekend and was escalated by strong winds, Dart continues to monitor the situation. 

The health and safety of our community is of highest priority and we are grateful to the crews on scene for their continued efforts to tackle this challenging blaze. We will continue to be guided by updates from the relevant Government authorities on the situation and its impact on our community. 

As the preferred bidder selected by the Cayman Islands Government to implement the new Integrated Solid Waste Management System (ISWMS), the Dart-led consortium has been working closely with Government on the final details of the project agreement. We are confident in the ability of our team of experts to deliver a solution that fulfils the Government’s objectives and brings transformational change to the country’s solid waste management system. In February 2020, Government gave the go ahead to start remediation works in the interim, scheduled to begin later this month.  

Once complete, remediation will significantly reduce the risk of fires at the George Town Landfill: the cap will seal off the surface of the waste mound, covering exposed garbage and preventing oxygen infiltration. Landfill gas, which is predominantly methane and carbon dioxide, will not sustain fires without oxygen. The remediation works also include a gas collection system that will draw gas out of the capped site to be safely flared off 

Remediation of the landfill includes covering or capping the mound of waste with a layer of fill material similar to marl, then a layer of manmade, low-permeability material, followed by more fill and, finally, with a layer of topsoil to support the growth of grasses and shrubs. For more details, please see this article. 

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