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Media Release: Dart Real Estate Submits Application for New Foster’s Food Fair IGA Location

Media Release: Dart Real Estate Submits Application for New Foster’s Food Fair IGA Location

Dart Real Estate has submitted an application to the Department of Planning for permission to build a supermarket at the northern end of Camana Bay, Grand Cayman. Foster’s Food Fair, Ltd. will lease the new space.

The planned supermarket is approximately 60,000 square feet and is larger than the current Foster’s IGA locations. The application also includes a four-level parking structure with approximately 325 vehicle spaces. A covered 50-foot wide pedestrian walkway will run between the supermarket and the parking structure. The building design will incorporate natural light and a dining area within the store. Outdoor seating is planned throughout the area and solar panels will be mounted on both the main and parking structures.

Planned Foster's IGA

Aerial Rendering Of The Planned Foster’s IGA East Of The ETH And The Adjacent Parking Structure In Camana Bay On Bismarckia Way

Foster’s IGA Managing Director Woody Foster says the family business will remain committed to its everyday offerings and pricing structure. “We have enjoyed great success with our Bay Market location at Camana Bay and we are excited to open a new supermarket where there is more space for shoppers. This allows us to offer an enhanced experience with more brand variety gourmet goods and specialty items, as well as our core offerings for our loyal customers, who can count on us to deliver quality products at affordable prices with excellent service,” said Mr. Foster.

“Bay Market has provided exceptional offerings at Camana Bay and we are thrilled that Foster’s Food Fair is expanding their relationship with us,” said Dart Real Estate president Jackie Doak. “Customers will enjoy a larger supermarket, complete with natural light, covered walkways and covered parking, making the grocery shopping experience even more pleasant. The new Foster’s Food Fair grocery location fits seamlessly with our vision for Camana Bay, so all who visit, work and live here will have a supermarket within the Town Centre,” said Ms. Doak.

It is estimated the project will take two years to complete.


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