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Media Release: Dart Real Estate Completes Trial Removal of Beachrock

Media Release: Dart Real Estate Completes Trial Removal of Beachrock

Today, Dart Real Estate removed a small area of beachrock in the waters off Seven Mile Beach land north of Kimpton Seafire.

All aspects of the trial were coordinated with the Department of Environment. DoE representatives were on site to observe. Dart Real Estate employed a meticulous methodology and ensured the process complied – and in many aspects exceeded – the conditions of the permit issued. The carefully planned approach included specially purchased silt screens and the presence of a team of experts including a marine biologist and coastal engineer.

An excavator was able to easily remove sections of rock, which appear to be stratified as cemented sand over a small layer of peat.

A silt screen placed around the excavation site ensured minimal impact to the surrounding area

“It’s remarkable how thin the layers of beachrock actually are,” said Ken Hydes, Vice President of Special Projects for Dart Development. “Only a few of the pieces we observed were more than a foot thick. The planning and professionalism of the crew and the comprehensive silt screening system ensured that the areas surrounding the trial area were minimally affected.”

In early November, Cabinet approved Dart Real Estate’s Coastal Works License application for a trial removal of beachrock. This area is the site identified for a future five-star resort and residences which would represent $600 million in economic impact during construction, add room stock and play a major role in ensuring a pipeline of employment for the construction industry and growth.

The objectives of the trial are to remove samples for a geologist to study and confirm as beachrock and to inform on the development of a removal methodology that is safe and least impactful on the marine and beach environment.

The team inspect the beach rock before it’s taken off-site for further testing

As our properties developed over the last two decades demonstrate, Dart is a conscientious steward of land and resources,” said Jackie Doak, president of Dart Real Estate. “We approached the concept of beachrock removal in accordance with our long-term commitment to sustainable development. Removing beachrock is not an all or nothing proposition for us, and this trial will provide useful data that will help inform our next steps in planning development in the area designed to balance environmental management and economic growth.”


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