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By Francesca Gardner

Island Companies celebrates 45 years

Woman poses in jewellery store
Island Jewellers Manager Julliana Woodhall and the rest of the Island Companies staffers are celebrating the company's 45-year anniversary. — Photo: Rob Tyler

One of Cayman's longest-standing retailers recently celebrated 45 years in business.

Island Companies – an integral part of Camana Bay's Town Centre retail offerings – celebrated the milestone this summer. Established in 1978, the brand has grown to become one of the largest duty-free retailers in the Cayman Islands with 15 stores across Grand Cayman. While the company umbrella now incorporates multiple store brands, its core identity and principles remain unchanged since the company started.

The journey of Island Companies dates back to 1978, when Renard Moxam opened his first store, Renard's Sports World. A partnership with John Rae eventually led to the establishment of Island Company Clothing.

The business grew over the next 15 years and by 1993, Island Companies had become one of the largest retail businesses on Grand Cayman. Clothing, souvenirs, art, jewellery, leather goods, sunglasses, cigars, fragrances, cosmetics, crystal and liquor were all part of their growing inventory.

Camana Bay has played a pivotal role in Island Companies' journey. Island Jewellers and De Sunglass Man were among the first tenants in Camana Bay. Those two shops, in particular, stand as distinguished contributors to the company's success story. More recently, Next Chapter added another store under the brand, showcasing their consistent dedication to growth and diversification.

Bob Nickoles, sales manager at Island Companies, says the company's success at Camana Bay is not solely due to their retail offerings but is greatly attributed to the community that has been created in the town.
β€œIt has become more than just a place to shop; it's a place to live, work and play, and Island Companies has thrived as a result,” he said.

The significant partnership with Dart in 2006 marked a pivotal moment in Island Companies' journey. In 2014, Dart took full ownership of Island Companies, further solidifying its place in the local business landscape.

In 2016, Island Companies rebranded all four of its jewellery stores, uniting them under the banner of Island Jewellers.

As Island Companies looks back on 45 years of remarkable success, it's evident that their journey has been shaped by a commitment to quality, a passion for customer satisfaction and dedication to the community of Camana Bay.

This article was featured in the November 2023 issue of Camana Bay Times.

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