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By Gabrielle Wheaton

Investing in our future: Camana Bay tenants offer scholarship opportunities


Every year students in our community face the exciting prospect of continuing their studies.

Scholarship programmes, like the ones offered by some of the companies located in Camana Bay, can make all the difference to students who have determination, passion and a desire to learn, but who do not have the resources to fund their studies.

We spoke to some of the scholars from four Camana Bay-based companies – Butterfield, Dart, EY and Greenlight Re – to learn more about their experience receiving educational assistance while they study for the next stage in their lives. In addition, we gathered information on current scholarships available for those looking to apply.



headshot for Dart scholar Jade Robinson
Jade Robinson

Scholar: Jade Robinson (2021 high school scholar)
St. Ignatius Catholic School

"This scholarship has given me a lot of self-confidence in my academic capabilities, which has transferred into all aspects of my life. Through the Dart scholarship, I have met many incredible people whom I have built close relationships with. The scholarship itself will open many doors for me in the future in respect to universities and job opportunities."

headshot for Dart scholar Adrian Phillips-Hernaez
Adrian Phillips-Hernaez

Scholar: Adrian Phillips-Hernaez (2022 university scholar)
Mechanical Engineering – Imperial College London

"I study mechanical engineering at Imperial College London. Their robust study path challenges me in this constantly evolving and demanding field. In the future I’d like to work as a robotics engineer, designing and building robots that can improve the quality of people’s lives. My engineering journey so far has taught me that with dedication, hard work and perseverance I will make a positive contribution to Cayman in this fascinating, world-changing industry of robotics. The dream of becoming an expert in this field become a reality with the financial support and guidance provided to me through the Dart scholarship."

Dart Scholar scholarship details

High school:

  • Payment of all school fees for a period of four years at student's school of choice, plus additional funds for books/uniforms
  • College fund that builds over the duration of the scholarship
  • Enrichment activities that include an annual trip overseas
  • Work experience opportunities available during school breaks
  • Deadline: 5 April 2023


  • Available to ages 17-25
  • Up to US$40,000 for full-time students for up to four years at accredited overseas institution in a field that will contribute to the future of the Cayman Islands
  • Summer employment opportunities available with Dart, including mentorship opportunities from Dart employees
  • Deadline: 5 May 2023
headshot for EY scholar Leana Smith
Leana Smith

Scholar: Leana Smith
Master of Arts in Corporate Finance – Queen Mary University of London

"The scholarship created an avenue for me to pursue my ambitions of specialising my education to suit my desired career path, which I discovered after doing internships with EY. I was grateful to be a recipient for this reason, as well as for the support I received throughout my degree until starting [work] full-time.

"I would like to see more young people take advantage of the scholarship opportunities afforded to them in order to create a foundation for a bright future, just by the sheer experience of being a part of the programme. The internships and connections made can add to your growth significantly, both professionally and personally."

headshot for EY scholar Amanda Alexander
Amanda Alexander

Scholar: Amanda Alexander
Bachelor of Science in Accounting – Southeastern University
Master of Science in Finance – Florida International University

"It was a great feeling to have sat in a room full of people, with experience from manager to partner, and have them acknowledge that they see enough potential in me to invest in my education as well as my future career. This has ultimately led to an investment in my personal development.

"I encourage students to apply for an internship if they are interested in an accounting career at EY. Build relationships through this experience and gain insight into the field, which will aid you in determining whether you desire to progress in the field and ultimately apply for the scholarship."

EY scholarship

  • No age limit
  • Up to US$30,000 per year – renewal for up to five years
  • Mandatory employment with EY after course completion, for a minimum of three years
  • Must be enrolled full-time at approved college/university
  • Must be pursuing a bachelor's or master's degree in accounting, finance, computer science, actuarial science, mathematics, data analytics or other appropriate major
  • Strong academic record required
  • Deadline: 15 April 2023
  • Enquire now:


Butterfield scholar Olivia Weaver headshot
Olivia Weaver

Scholar: Olivia Weaver
Speech and Language Therapy at the University of Essex

"The scholarship gives me the opportunity to study a subject I am very passionate about, as well as allowing me to pursue the career of my dreams, which I couldn’t be more grateful for. I appreciate how Butterfield has given me and what I want to study a chance, as many scholarships on island are specific to finance and business studies, and I am really grateful to see other fields of study supported.

"[I recommend you] start your application as soon as possible and don’t wait until the last minute asking for recommendation letters. Also include as many awards you have achieved in your application as you can, even what may seem like small achievement can add up."

Butterfield scholarship

  • Undergraduate scholarship for Caymanian students, aged 17 to 25 years
  • The recipient will receive up to US$30,000 per annum for up to four years of study
  • Scholarship is available for any course of study that will benefit the Cayman Islands
  • Application dates: Applications should be completed and submitted by 31 March each year
  • Enquire now:
headshot for Greenlight Re scholar Leshae Ramoon
Leshae Ramoon

Greenlight Re
Scholar: Leshae Ramoon
Associate of Science – University College of the Cayman Islands

"Greenlight Re has offered me a great opportunity to pursue my associate degree in science without the worry of finances. I would like to encourage future students and anyone who wishes to pursue their education and academic endeavour to take the initiative and reach out to Greenlight Re and take advantage of this amazing opportunity."

headshot for Dart scholar Shiann Powery
Shiann Powery

Scholar: Shiann Powery
Truman Bodden Law School

"The entire process, from start to finish was so delightful — simple and seamless. The administrators were so easy to communicate with, understanding and willing to help. It was a refreshing experience.

"I would encourage any Caymanian, no matter what age, who wishes to further their education at a local institution and is in need of financial assistance to apply for the Greenlight Re scholarship. You wouldn't regret it."

Greenlight Re scholarship

  • Support provided for Caymanians pursuing the next stage in their education journey
  • No age restriction for applicants
  • Multiple grants provided each year depending on the type of study being pursued
  • Scholarships are primarily offered to post-high school students but will also be considered for those entering A levels, depending on the need assessed
  • Scholarships granted for study at: The University College of the Cayman Islands, The International College of the Cayman Islands or locally based vocational training
  • Deadline: Applications accepted throughout the year
  • Enquire now: 

This article will also be featured in the April 2023 print edition of Camana Bay Times.

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