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Growing together: Greenlight Re marks 15 years with Camana Bay

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Perfectly perched above the bustle of Market Street is one of Camana Bay's long-standing commercial tenants.

Greenlight Re, a multiline property and casualty insurance and reinsurance company, has been a part of the Camana Bay community since signing its lease when the town began 15 years ago – the first company of its kind in the town.

Chief Accounting Officer & Treasurer Faramarz Romer has been with Greenlight Re prior to its tenancy in Camana Bay and has since had a front-row seat to the growth of the business and the town.

"When we moved into Camana Bay, we had half the space we have now. After a few years, we realised we needed more and expanded into the other side of our building – so now we occupy the whole floor," he said.

Greenlight Re has almost doubled its number of Cayman-based employees since moving in; tripled it globally since adding two more offices in Ireland and the United Kingdom; and continues to expand the company with ventures such as recent investments through the company's Innovations unit.

Sharing a spirit of innovation, Greenlight Re had an inkling about Camana Bay's potential in its infancy.

"When we were initially in a different office space and looking to expand, Camana Bay was still up and coming. At the time, we weren't sure what it would become, but we took a leap of faith as we believed something good was going to happen here," said Romer.

Fast-forwarding, what the town has blossomed into today is a selling point for Greenlight Re.

"It's one of the characteristics that help us in recruiting staff and with hosting clients and brokers who are visiting. If we need to take them to lunch, dinner or even an excursion, options are right there. It's very convenient."

Chief Risk Officer Tom Curnock echoed Romer's sentiments about the town's allure for business development.

"When we bring people to visit us, whether potential buyers or clients, Camana Bay presents a very good image for us, which we appreciate," he said.

Likewise, from an employee standpoint, he shared that they find their location, as well as the connectivity and conveniences of the town, advantageous.

"Over time, we've looked at different office spaces in Camana Bay, but decided we enjoy being more central – restaurants are closer, Foster's is closer and a lot of our staff will just pop out for lunch," said Curnock. "Adding to the location, having Cayman International School nearby has been really nice; when the [employees'] children have events or assemblies, they can just quickly walk over to the school."

Fifteen years may seem like a long time; however, Greenlight Re will celebrate an even bigger milestone next year with its 20th anniversary as a company.

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