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Dart response to ‘Ministry addresses misinformation on ReGen Project’

As the chosen partner of the Cayman Islands Government for the delivery of the ReGen Public Private Partnership (PPP) Project, the Dart Consortium (DC) welcomes the opportunity to provide further comment to the recent Ministry of Sustainability and Climate Resiliency statement addressing misinformation on the ReGen Project.

It is generally understood that PPPs are, by nature, complex contract structures that can require significant time and resources to bring to a financial close and execution of the project agreement. The DC continues to work collaboratively and diligently with CIG to bring ReGen to fruition and deliver a world class, sustainable and necessary integrated waste management system that will promote the waste hierarchy and serve the Cayman Islands for decades to come.

The recent Ministry of Sustainability and Climate Resiliency statement has provided an accurate background to project cost escalation over the six years of contract negotiations. As the contractual partner, DC is working closely with CIG and our construction sub-contractors to mitigate price increases and deliver waste infrastructure assets that will be operational and effective for at least 40 years, some 15 years beyond ReGen contract term.

The ReGen project will deliver sustainable infrastructure, minimising impact to the environment and human health for everyone in Grand Cayman. It will provide an essential “utility” service to all residents and communities through first world resource management and renewable energy provision. 


Dart media contact:

Ben Meade

Senior Manager, Communications


ReGen Cayman's energy and recycling centre

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