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Dart addresses PAD concerns

Dart addresses PAD concerns

Dart is aware there is some anxiety in the local community about the proposed Planned Area Development (PAD) for the area north of Governor’s Harbour in terms of future development and how it may impact beach access. 

As a PAD is a relatively new planning tool introduced by the Cayman Islands Government in 2010, we would like to clarify a few points that may be causing concern, from our understanding:  

  • A PAD does not give permission to develop or clear lands. Any development within the PAD area will require its own specific planning permission.  
  • A PAD is a planning tool that allows for mixed-use development, encouraging thoughtful master planning for areas of more than 40 acres with at least three uses (e.g. residential, commercial and tourism). It requires a developer to consider utility infrastructure, transportation solutions, community open spaces, environmental management and public services. 
  • A PAD provides a framework for development in the years ahead and can be adapted to meet changing needs, if required. In line with the nature of a PAD application, the drawings submitted with the current PAD application are conceptual; there are no definitive development plans at this stage. 

Dart’s PAD application to connect lands east and west of the Esterley Tibbetts Highway between Governor’s Harbour and Yacht Club takes a long-range, comprehensive view and, if approved, gives some predictability and certainty to the nature of future development in that area.  

In the spirit of full transparency, wishing to share information about our proposed plans, Dart scheduled meetings with neighbouring property owners and other stakeholders to provide more details about the PAD and Dart’s approach to sustainable development, and to answer any questions. To date, we have held 10 information sessions with more than 500 people and have several more in the pipeline.  

Regarding beach access, we understand the concerns about retaining public access and appreciate its value to the community. The recent upgrades to Public Beach and the 1,300 ft public pathway that runs in front of Kimpton Seafire Resort + Spa provide convenient access to Seven Mile Beach in this area, and we are considering how to continue this connectivity with new developments. 

With Easter approaching, this topic is especially timely for camping. Members of the public are welcome to camp on Dart’s undeveloped beachfront properties and we request people please camp responsibly. For the public’s convenience and to minimise the impact to the environment, Dart will be placing dumpsters at Barkers, Starfish Point and north of Kimpton Seafire Resort + Spa. 

If anyone has any questions relating to the PAD, the planning application can be viewed at or we encourage them to contact us at

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