Another by-product of the concentration of financial services firms at Camana Bay that will only become more prominent over time and could eventually deliver a unique benefit to businesses located there is the potential for collaboration across firms and sectors. With a cross-section of Cayman’s financial services sector and industries within steps of each other at Camana Bay, its developers have recognised the future opportunity that exists by capitalising on the intellectual capital that resides there.

Dart Realty is exploring strategies to promote collaboration among Camana Bay’s financial services community in ways that could facilitate mutual benefits for all involved, consistent with the innovative approach that Camana Bay is bringing to community building.

Cayman’s financial services industry is poised for future growth in key areas such as investment fund management, reinsurance and other growth areas of institutional investment. Camana Bay is ready and willing to support this growth by adding additional class ‘A’ office accommodation and over the long term through overall design considerations for the subsequent phases of Camana Bay.

The Dart Group is committed to the Cayman Islands and its continued success as a country and as a community. Camana Bay’s relationship with the Cayman Islands financial services sector and the financial industry internationally (to the extent that growth opportunities exist for the jurisdiction) is a key component of that commitment.

If the relationships to date between the Camana Bay and Cayman’s financial services sector are any indication of future success, the best is surely yet to come.