He returned in January 2016 as executive chef at Kimpton Seafire Resort + Spa. He oversees both Coccoloba — Kimpton’s Mexican street food spot — as well as the multi-conceptual Avecita with its chef’s tasting table, cocktail bar service and catering arm. He is a busy man, heading up a team of culinary players.

“Every time I put my whites on, it’s like putting on a game jersey and we’re on the field. And I’m still playing the game, though it’s more of a coaching level. But I’m still involved, still rolling up my sleeves. It’s still a great passion.”

Cayman Airways

“Punch on the Island is not optional,” says Kimpton Seafire Resort + Spa’s beverage manager, John Stanton.

“Not having one on your menu would be like walking into a restaurant without clothes on: It’s just not done. When sitting next to the ocean in the hot sun, a cold beverage featuring island fruit is A must.”

Cayman Airways has been carrying on this cultural tradition for decades by offering in-flight complimentary rum punch. Start your next trip with Cayman Airways off right by sipping a glass of this grand old Caymanian tradition.