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Giving back, learning new skills, meeting new people and changing lives; and of course there’s that warm, fuzzy feeling that comes with doing something good for others. Community is at the core of Dart and across the organisation our teams are actively involved in supporting many worthwhile causes across the island. It’s win, win; we’re providing vital help to those in need, opening mindsdeepening connections and having fun in the process. 

Dart volunteers 

People powered change 

Each year our staff takes time out from their everyday lives and contribute their ideas, time and expertise to drive tangible progress in our community. Our volunteering efforts enable our people to work in partnership with nonprofit organisations during the working day to make a meaningful difference.  


I’ve been a part of our community volunteer programme for a number of years, and this year as our work is more critical than ever given the impact of COVID-19 on families and industries. I’m really proud of the difference we have been able to make and have made some great friends from non-profits and within the company at the same time.

Dominic Ross

Manager, Community Development