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Cayman community

Cayman community


thoughtfully designed community parks for the surrounding neighbourhoods to enjoy from sunrise to sunset.



invested in community spaces to bring people together



public beaches for hosting family gatherings and community events


Community Parks 

Play time  

Spark their imagination at any one of the island’s 12 community parks, designed and donated by us to the Cayman community. Bright, vibrant play areas where they’re free to roam, make new friends and let their imaginations run wild. At the Dart Family Park on South Church Street, you can while away the hours with a picnic on the beach, watch the boats off of George Town Harbour, or join in an impromptu performance in the outdoor amphitheatre.

We’re passionate about spaces where families and friends can gather and connect with each other in our breathtaking island habitat. We’re passionate about our community.

Dart Family Park

Scholars Park

Captain George Dixon Park

Harry McCoy Sr. Park

Jerald Smith Park

Moonbeam Park

Newlands Heights Community Park

Scranton Park

Windsor Park Playground

Neil Godfrey

Hemlock Park

North Sound Estates Park